Be A Dreamer (Book)

Be A Dreamer

God Promised

Be A Dreamer – God PROMISED to place a dream and a vision into every heart. It’s neither gender specific – all people both men and women, nor age specific – young and old. The young person is to see

Be A Dreamer

Book Be A Dreamer

Be A Dreamer – What is your life’s dream? We all follow something. Why not follow your dream? God PROMISED to place a dream and a vision into every heart.

Revelation of Jesus Christ

Lamb's Wife New Jerusalem

Revelation Section 4 The Lamb’s Wife New Jerusalem

(Excerpt from book) The angel desires to show John the bride, the Lamb’s wife. Again we see, as we have seen over and over, an angel in the revelation is more than a celestial being. The angel is best seen as a messenger of God (see discussion 1:1, 20). Every angel, no matter if celestial or a pastoral messenger, desires to

Divine Connections

Divine Connection

Divine Connections (Book)

Life is a series of divine connections. Many are actually supernatural. Divine connections are once in a lifetime opportunities to change our lives. They come in every imaginable way with and through people we would expect, but most frequently with people we would never anticipate a divine connection. The people

Grace the Throne of God

Grace the Throne of God

Grace the Throne of God (Book)

The Bible actually calls God’s throne the “throne of grace.” The Lord rules the world by grace. I pray I can help us see how this actually happens and gives meaning to salvation by grace. The hope is we will see God’s grace is not to be confused with God’s mercy. Grace, as we will see, is the Spirit of

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Sermons By Delbert Young

Sermons By Delbert Young – There are currently 3 websites where anyone can find my sermons. My sermons are absolutely free. Sermons By Delbert Young was the first site I built as my own after retiring as lead pastor. I wanted to put all the work over the years where

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Life Gate Church – Life Gate Church is the church I, along with a few others, began. It’s located in northwest Georgia. Life Gate is where I prepared and preached the majority of my sermons. I was the founding and lead pastor there for over thirty years. Life Gate’s website

Northstar Church Online

Northstar Church Online – After I retired as lead pastor at Life Gate Church, I became the Online Campus Pastor at Northstar Church in Panama City, Florida where we now live. Online church was a learning curve for me, but I love to learn. Now I get to preach to

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