Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

A person does not need to be a theologian to recognize the book titled The Revelation of Jesus Christ is different from all other books in our canon of scriptures. Bizarre imagery, gruesome judgments, beasts of good and evil, angels, a city called a “whore,” another city called the “Lamb’s wife”— all these and many additional images arouse and confuse today’s readers.

I realize everyone will want to jump to The Book of Revelation chapter 1 and begin dissecting. However, without some understand of what is in this Introduction, you will not obtain what you want from your study and the Book of Revelation will remain a mystery. I want to explain how to interpret the book as did the apostles of Jesus. I want to warn of incorrect doctrines of the Revelation, why they are, and how to spot them. I want to give some historical background showing for whom The Book of Revelation was primarily written. I will talk about the different theories of the rapture and great tribulation and interpretations. There is so much in this volume given to aid in the study of The Book of Revelation. At the end, we will dissect the first chapter of The Book of Revelation. This way the remaining volumes will be easily understood. Try your hardest to get through the Introduction. I do not think you will ever regret it.

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