King of Kings

Revelation Section 3 King of Kings and Lord of Lords

(Excerpt from book) The primary thrust of what John was told is the judgment was upon the great whore. The intensity of the wording is to be noted. This was more than a whore. This was the great whore. The wording and imageries are intended to shock and do indeed accomplish their purpose. As the following passages are read, my exposition of them will not be necessary other than to point out a few significant notes. What the scriptures say about the great whore are pornographic in imagery and shocking to our minds.

First John is given the vision (verses 1-6). Next, he is given the keys to interpret the vision (verses 7-18).

We have so much information given us in Scripture one cannot read and not know who the great whore was. John’s intended for his readers, the seven churches in Asia, to know who the great whore was. Because of this, it is necessary for us to take the time and establish scriptural understanding.

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