Pastor Delbert Young

About Pastor Young

About Pastor Young

Pastor Delbert Young has been married to his wife and helper in the ministry, Judy, since 1967. He has preached thousands of sermons. He has a son and a daughter, both married, and four grandsons.
Pastor Young was the senior pastor of Life Gate Church. He founded and led Life Gate Ministries since 1985. Pastor Young is originally from Miami, Florida, and grew up and lived in Griffin, Georgia, before moving to LaFayette, GA in 1985.

Pastor Delbert has an A.A. in Accounting, A.A. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Theology along with other ministerial and theological citations.

Pastor Young has written many books (listed below) published on Kindle and by Life Gate Church used as study guides for many of his teachings. He has done television programs for the local areas along with radio programs and daily radio spots. His sermons are published weekly on Life Gate Church website and other websites. They are free to download.

Delbert retired as senior pastor to Life Gate Church the end of 2015 and moved to Panama City Beach, Florida. There he works with Northstar Church as Online Campus Pastor ministering to people all around the world every week.

Pastor Delbert continues to write books, work on his websites, and fish as frequently as possible.

Life Gate Church has Pastor Young’s sermons on their website. They are public and available. Sermons by Delbert Young also has Pastor Young’s sermons.

Books by Pastor Young include: Be A Dreamer; Divine Connections; Grace the Throne of God; Handling Difficult People; Inside Yourself; The Olivet Discourse and Great Tribulation; Power of Words; Praise and Worship; Spiritual Warfare; Stress; The Favor of God; The Rapture; Tithes Offerings Alms; What doth Hinder Me to be Baptized.


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